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This site is the result of a close, generous and passionate collaboration of the following authors: Yves Dumoulin, Paul Martinaggi, Bruno Muller and Jean-Philippe Malaval. A special thanks to David Meredith, Olivier Bidaud and Flavio Leonardis for their help on the registers.

Photos credits

All photographs on this site are subject to the copyright restrictions. The photographs used without permission of the unknown authors may either be removed on request from the contact form, or their authors will see their names associated with the base of the contributors. The authors would like to thank the following people who gave generously of their time, thus allowing to have a high quality database of photographs: Neill Bruce, Hervé Castagno, Pierre Coquet, Hans-Christian Delfs, Vincent Diez, Dennis Floyd, David Foster, Martyn Goddard, Laurent Golf, Alex Heynes, Erik Jensen, Ben Kruidbos, Robert Lebellec, Alberto Mantovani, Marcel Massini, David Moutal, Gilles Moncassin, Martin Nägele, Mark Roseman, Timothy Ross, Franck Van Severen.



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Ferrari 308,328, 348 The Complete story by Robert Foskett The Crowood Press UK

Ferrari 308, 328, Mondial by Geoff Willoughby Osprey Publishing Ltd (Ed. revisited)

Ferrari 328 GTB/GTS, 3.2 Mondial by Paolo Murani - Stefano Pasini Automobilia

Il Cavallino nel cuore by Leonardo Fioravanti Giorgio Nada Editore

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Ferrari 308 1980-1984 Brooklands Books

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CH Pozzi - Importateur Ferrari by Arnaud Meunier A.M. Book & Editions

Ferrari 308 GTB Rally Car by Antonio Biasioli Editrice Elzeviro

Ecurie Garage Francorchamps by Gianni Rogliatti Giogio Nada Editore

Ferrari au salon de Paris by Dominique Pascal L'autodrome editions

Inside Ferrari by Michael Dregni Motorbooks International

Ferrari Design - The definitive story by Glen Smale Haynes Publishing

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