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From 1973 to 1985, the various stylistic changes to the Ferrari 308 1- Paint codes: 1-1 From 1975 to 1980 manufacturer of paint Glidden Salchi then only Salchi later 1977:

Opaque colours: Rosso Chiaro (20-R-190 puis 599-5-190), Rosso Dino (20-R-350 puis 599-5-350), Blu Scuro Dino (20-A-357), Azzurro Dino (20-A-349 puis 589-8-349), Nuovo Giallo Fly (20-Y-490 puis 599-4-490), Bianco Polo Park (20-W-152 puis 599-0-152), Nero (20-B-50 puis 599-1-619), Blu Montecarlo (20-A-548 puis 599-8-548).

Metallic colours: Verde Pino (106-G-30 then 633-7-014), Verde Medio (106-G-29 then 633-7-013), Blu Dino (106-A-72 then 633-8-006), Blu Sera (106-A-18 then 633-8-012), Azzurro (106-A-32 then 633-8-005), Marrone Dino (106-M-73 then 633-2-007), Grigio Ferro (106-E-8 then 633-6-011), Oro Chiaro (106-Y-137 then 633-4-015), Argento Auteuil (106-E-1 then 633-6-031), Rosso Rubino (106-R-83 then 633-5-009), Rosso (133-R-10 then 633-5-010).

1-2 From mid 1981 to 1985 manufacturer of paint Glasurit:

Opaque colours: Bianco (FER105 then FER100 during year 1981), Giallo (FER102 during year 1981), Rosso Corsa (FER300 then yellower with FER300/600 reference during year 1983), Rosso Dino (FER301 during year 1981), Rosso (FER304 from year 1983), Rosso Chiaro (FER307), Azzurro (FER500), Blu Scuro (FER501 during year 1981), Nero (FER902 then FER1240 during year 1981).

Metallic colours: Argento Auteuil (FER701 then FER101/C during year 1981 losing « Auteuil » in its name, and darker from year 1984 with FER101/40C reference), Oro Chiaro (FER106 then FER103/C during year 1981, then FER104/C during year 1983), Rosso (FER302/C then FER305/C during year 1983), Prugna (FER306/C from year 1983), Rosso Rubino (FER308), Marrone Dino (FER309 then FER303/C during year 1981 losing « Dino » in its name), Azzurro (FER502/C from year 1981, then FER505/C during year 1983), Blu Chiaro (FER503/C from late year 1981), Blu Medio (FER506/C from year 1983), Bleu Dino (FER507/C), Blu Sera (FER508 then 504/C during year 1981), Azzurad (FER509), Verde Medio (FER605 then FER600/C during year 1981), Verde Pino (FER601/C from late year 1981), Verde Chiaro (FER602/C from year 1983), Verde Scuro (FER603/C from year 1983), Verde Tenue (FER604/C from year 1983), Grigio Ferro (FER702 then FER700/C during year 1981 losing « Ferro » in its name), Nero (FER901/C from year 1983).

1-3 Paint codes from 1973 to 1980 specific to the Ferrari 308 GT4:

Avorio Safari (20-Y-546), Giallo (20-Y-348), Verde Germoglio (20-G-465), Azzurro Cielo (20-A-547), Blu (20-A-185), Rosso (20-R-187), Prugna (20-R-549), Rosso Bordeaux (20-R-351), Blu Chiaro (106-A-38).

1-4 Color not in the catalogue:

A colour ordered on a special order «off the standard catalog» maybe encountered from time to time. Thus we have found a Verde Germoglio (20-G-465) «vetroresina» 308 GTB, a single (so far…) Blu Acapulco (133-A-6) European model Ferrari 308 carbureted, and a Rosso Barchetta (FRE312) US model Ferrari 308 GTBi.

2- Upholstery designs and colour codes: 2-1 Upholstery designs (1976/1980-1981/1985):

2-2 Upholstery colour codes:

Nero (VM8500), Beige (also named Fawn VM3218), Crema (also named Magnolia VM3997), Sabbia (also named Beige VM3234), Blu (also named Dark-Blue VM3282), Rosso (VM3171), Testa di Moro (also named Brown or Chocolate VM890), Tabacco (also named Tan VM846), Nuvola (also named Blu VM3015).

3- Carpet colour codes:

Nero (80), Rosso (81), Corda, Testa di Moro (83), Blu (84), Bruciato (85) replaced by Castoro (172) from year 1981.

4- Headliners:

Carbureted GTB have a headliners made from two parts on the early fiberglass cars without snap for sun visor to the assembly number 60, then the shape of the roof change and appearance of snaps to the assembly number 182. Then, the headliner change to one single piece.

Injection 2 valve headliner, optional matching colour of the upholstery.

«Quattrovalvole» headliner, black, red or other colour option is available since 2 valve injection model.

GT4 headliner.

5- Rims:

5 spokes (Daytona style) Campagnolo, originally in 14" diameter (Michelin XWX tires 205/70-14) and 6"1/2 wide (with 7"1/2 as option). Two other manufacturers appear over the production time frame: Cromodora then Speedline. Even if the design is basically the same, one can notice small differences between the brands (different angles and finishes, stickers on Campagnolo and Speedline brand, embossed on Cromodora). The central insert of the wheel is made of thick plastic on early versions giving a blurred aspect to the «Cavallino rampante».

In the last quarter of 1980, the factory introduced rims in metric dimensions (given in millimeter) as standard, due to the introduction of Michelin TRX tyres. Rims become polished/frosted in Europe with the «Quattrovalvole» model until the end of 1983 and will once again become paint in plain silver.

6- Badges: 6-1 Front badge:

6-2 Lateral badge:

The «disegno di Pininfarina» side badge changes side mid 1976, moving from the right side of the car to the left side. A new badge with a different position for the word «disegno di» appears with the «Quattrovalvole» model.

6-3 Rear badges:

6-4 Ferrari 308 GT4 badges:

«Serie 1» cars have initially the «Dino» badge only; then the factory issued a mid 1975 bulletin allowing dealers to add the «Cavallino rampante» badge just above. «Serie 2» cars have only the «Cavallino rampante» badge.

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