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From 1985 to 1989: the various stylistic changes to the Ferrari 328 1- Paints code, paint manufacturer Glasurit:

Opaque colors: Bianco (FER100), Giallo (FER102), Azzurro (FER500), Blu Scuro (FER501), Blu (FER 510), Rosso Corsa (FER300/600 then brighter FER300/900 during year 1987), Nero (FER1240).

Metallic colors: Argento (FER101/40C), Oro Chiaro (FER104/C), Rosso (FER305/C), Prugna (FER306/C), Blu Chiaro (FER503/C), Blu Sera (FER504/C), Azzurro (FER505/C), Blu Medio (FER506/C), Blu Dino (FER507), Verde Scuro (FER603/C), Verde Chiaro (FER602/C), Verde Tenue (FER604/C), Grigio (FER700/C), Marrone (800/C), NeroFer (FER901/C).

2- Designs and upholstery color codes: 2-1 Upholstery designs:

2-2 Upholstery color codes:

Nero (VM8500), Grigio (VM3393), Beige (also named Tan VM3218), Crema (also named Magnolia VM3997), Rosso (VM3171), Blu (also named Dark-Blue VM3282), Nuvola (also named Blue VM3015) and Testa Di Moro (also named Brown or Chocolate VM890).

3- Carpet color codes:

Nero (80), Rosso (81), Testa di Moro (83), Blu (84), Castoro (172).

4- Headliner top:

Fabric headliner top

Leather headliner top

5- Rims:

5 spokes (Daytona style) in 16", 7"1/2 wide front and 8"1/2 wide at rear manufactured by Speedline. During 1988, design change to a convex wheel which allows the ABS option.

6- Badges: 6-1 Front badge:

Change of the «Cavallino rampante» badge on the front grille from domed to flat design during 1985.

6-2 Lateral badge:

6-3 Rear badges:

Evolution of the rear badge designating the model («328») and version («GTB»/«GTS») from an all-aluminum color until late 1986, then a model badge («328») only in black, the version remaining aluminum, then, at the beginning of 1988, both model and version badges are black with white infill.

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